Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build an app
Lecture: Cross platform Python applications

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0:00 In this chapter, we took an existing python application,
0:03 and we turn it into an executable application that we can send to someone who doesn't
0:09 even have python installed. It happened to be a gui application,
0:12 but it might as well be a CLI terminal application.
0:17 If you want to build GUI application from scratch and,
0:20 you know that you wanted to work on multiple operating systems?
0:24 There are two other solutions that you can use.
0:27 There is Kivy, and there is beeware.
0:30 They both let you build python applications for different desktop and mobile operating systems.
0:36 kivy uses their own widget styling,
0:38 and beeware uses the native elements.
0:44 So an interface built with kivi
0:45 we will look similar on different operating systems and then interface build with Beeware will look
0:52 more native. That is, it will use the typical Windows style of buttons or
0:57 select boxes on Windows and Mac Os styles of Mac OS.
1:02 Check them out if you're thinking about building a cross platform application with Python,
1:06 although don't expect that they will work flawlessly python is still not the best choice to
1:12 build. Let's say android or iPhone applications and choosing different tools like react native is probably a much better idea.