Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build an app
Lecture: Windows and a virus warning

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0:00 When we were building a Python application using by installer with Windows, you probably notice this pop up about the virus.
0:09 So it turns out that some anti virus software will detect programs build with pyinstaller as viruses. In my video,
0:17 I managed to take this executable file and move it to a different Windows machine, and there it ran without any issues.
0:24 But it might happen that when you send this executable file to someone,
0:29 Windows or other anti virus software will complain and they won't be able to run it So when you Google for pyinstaller and virus,
0:36 you will probably find some answers. One of them is that pyinstaller comes with some pre compiled boot loaders for different
0:43 operating systems. And when your Windows machine is complaining about that, then you will have to compile your own boot loader, so we can go to the
0:52 pyinstaller documentation. Here and here you will find all the information about building your
0:58 own boot loader. So if you're building an application with pyinstaller and you get
1:04 this virus warning, I suggest that you go to the pyinstaller documentation and search
1:09 for the building the boot loader,and then you follow your steps to build your own. That hopefully should solve it.

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