Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build an app
Lecture: Will it work on a brand new Windows installation?

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0:00 I have created another Windows virtual machine, and I have moved our gui application here. Let's try to run it. Unfortunately,
0:14 it will take a bit of time to start, so I'm speeding up the video here. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the fact that I'm using a virtual machine
0:22 or that pyinstaller, is slow by default. But you can check out the documentation and see if you can optimize pyinstaller a bit. After a long way,
0:33 we can finally see our familiar graphical user interface. Let's test some website, and as you can see, even running the Python code here is slow.
0:45 It took around five seconds to test this url, even though it was super slow to run our application. At least we didn't have to install anything.
0:55 If I run Python Command, you can see that nothing happened. And I got this pop up for the Microsoft store to install Python.
1:05 So yeah, we don't have Python installed yet. We managed to run our Python application, which is pretty great. So,
1:13 as you can see, pyinstaller is a really great tool that you can use to package and distribute your Python application,
1:21 so that sums up our lessons about by installer on Windows. If you get some pop ups about viruses,
1:28 check out the next lesson where I will explain whats the problem with that.

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