Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build an app
Lecture: Will it work on a brand new macOS installation?

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0:00 So, here I have this brand new Mac os installation. It's still using Mac os Catalina because I don't like to be an early adopter of
0:09 new operating systems, but anyway, it's a pretty empty macOS system, and I haven't installed anything, so it's a perfect place to test,
0:17 our GUI application. So here I have mounted my main operating system. If we go inside Chapter 13,
0:26 this here is our GUI. So let's move it to the desktop and let's try to execute it. Cool. We have the window, and if we try to ping,
0:39 some website, it seems to be working. That's awesome. And just to show you that I don't have any Python version install let me run python --version.
0:59 So here I still have the Python 2.7 that comes with macOS. I don't have a Python 3 installed. No, I don't want to do that. Stop it. OK, so yeah,
1:11 all the Python binaries, all the pip packages like requests. Everything was bundled together inside our gui application and
1:19 but it seems to be working Fine. So that's how you can use pyinstaller on macOS, in the next two lessons
1:25 I will show you how to build the same application with Windows and how to
1:29 test it. If you're not a Windows user or if you're not interested, you can skip those lessons.

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