Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build an app
Lecture: Warning: Building executable applications is tough!

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0:00 Building an executable application is probably the toughest part of this course because depending on the
0:06 specific set up of your computer,
0:07 you might get different errors than I do.
0:11 When I was preparing this material,
0:12 I run into multiple issues. Some dependencies were missing or I run some commands wrong
0:17 and I got weird output.
0:19 I checked all the problems, and I try to prepare the easiest way to build
0:23 a package. But be prepared that you might encounter different issues.
0:28 You might be missing some global dependency that I accidentally had installed.
0:33 Or maybe some environment variables are set differently on your Mac Os than on mine.
0:39 So if something goes wrong and you have different errors first,
0:43 try to remove the virtual environment.
0:45 Try to reinstall this guptimer package and try to build it again
0:49 Otherwise, I'm afraid you will have to Google how to fix some of the problems.