Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build a package
Lecture: Let's build a Python package

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0:00 Now that we build a CLI tool to check the status of websites,
0:04 we are going to turn it into a python package and distributed to the pypi
0:09 server. We could do this with poetry and be done in a few seconds simply
0:14 by running poetry build and poetry published.
0:17 But I want to take a different approach, this time since not everyone wants to use
0:21 a tool like poetry. This time we will rebuild our project from scratch without poetry
0:26 Ofcourse, I will copy most of the code test and the documentation, so
0:31 you don't have to see me typing the same stuff again.
0:34 But the way we create and manage our project will be different.