Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build a CLI
Lecture: CLI applications

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0:00 One popular family of programs are command line tools,
0:04 so programs that run in your terminal,
0:07 even though we are used to click things in a graphical interface or in a browser
0:10 CLI tools are still very popular,
0:13 especially among programmers. A perfect example of such a tool is Git.
0:18 There are many different graphical interfaces to manage your git repositories,
0:22 but a lot of people prefer to run commands in the terminal.
0:26 Another good example of a CLI is black, flake 8 or pylint.
0:30 You can run black command in your terminal,
0:33 and it will format all python files in the current directory,
0:36 according to the pep 8 rules.