Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Let's build a CLI
Lecture: Time for practice

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0:00 In the past 10 chapters. You learn a lot about different tools that you can
0:04 use when building python projects, and now it's time to put all these new knowledge
0:08 into action. In the next three chapters,
0:10 we will be building different types of python projects.
0:14 We will start with a CLI, so a python program that you can run in your
0:17 terminal. In the next chapter, we will take that CLI,
0:21 turn it into a python package and publish it on PyPI.
0:25 And then in the third chapter,
0:26 we will build an executable application that you can send to someone,
0:31 and they will be able to use your project even if they don't know anything about python.