Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Documentation
Lecture: MkDocs

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0:00 But what if you don't want to use sphinx?
0:02 Maybe you don't like the restructure text formatter.
0:05 You're looking for something else. So another popular tool to manage documentation is called
0:10 mkdocs. Okay. mkdocs is using markdown format and similar to sphinx,
0:16 It has a configuration file, but this time in the YAML format.
0:22 Otherwise it works very similar to how sphinx, works.
0:26 So first you have to install it with pip.
0:29 Then you have to generate the new mkdocs project and inside you just create
0:36 markdown files with documentation for your project.
0:41 Then you just need to run mkdocs serve command,
0:44 and this will generate the documentation.
0:46 You can go to the local host.
0:48 URL to see this in the browser.
0:56 What I really like about mkdocs is how the search feature works.
1:00 It's very easy and fast to find whatever you're looking for,
1:04 you can also customize it and use a different theme if you like.
1:08 And if you want to publish your documentation somewhere,
1:11 read. The docs also support mkdocs.