Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Documentation
Lecture: Read the Docs

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0:00 Once you finish writing your documentation,
0:03 you need to figure out where to publish it.
0:05 If your project is open source,
0:07 then the easiest way to Host your documentation online is to use the website called read the docs
0:12 It's a free hosting for open source projects,
0:15 and it supports sphinx, out of the box.
0:22 You'll have to log in and connect your GitHub project.
0:25 But then read The docs will automatically build and publish your documentation each time you
0:31 update your project on github. As you can see,
0:34 you can sign up directly with GitHub or GitLab or even Bitbucket if
0:38 you're still using it. And once you publish your documentation,
0:42 this is how it will look like.
0:43 Here is an example of Read the Dogs Documentation for Request Package.
0:49 It looks very similar to ours sphinx, documentation that we used in the previous lessons because well it is using sphinx.