Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Writing code
Lecture: ptpython

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0:00 And finally, we also have ptPython, just like bPython. It has the essential features, like syntax highlighting, multiline editing,
0:09 auto completion and so on. But it also has some cool features, so let's give it a try. For example, it does syntax validation as your type,
0:24 and it won't let you execute code that contains invalid syntax. You can also run shell commands or switch between vim and imax key binding modes,
0:35 and even has those simple menus where you can configure it or ransome special commands. So, for example, if we press F3, we go to the history menu,
0:44 and from here we can run some commands from this or from private sessions. So we use space toggle, which lines we want to run.
0:54 So ptPython is yet another interesting alternative to the standard Python REPL.

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