Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Managing Python project
Lecture: Pipenv or Poetry

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0:00 pipenv and poetry are project management tools.
0:03 They provide you with commands to set up a project,
0:06 install depenvencies and, in case of poetry,
0:09 to publish it as a package and pypi.
0:12 They will also automate some of the tasks.
0:14 For example, they will automatically create an activate a virtual environment for you, so you
0:20 don't have to remember to do this yourself.
0:23 Which one you should use is up to you.
0:25 I will show you how to use poetry because it supports publishing packages on pypi
0:29 That's a huge benefit because it saves you from writing a
0:33 file by hand. I mean,
0:36 writing a file by hand is not extremely difficult,
0:40 but it's nice to have a tool that can out make this task for you.
0:43 Another benefit of poetry is that it's newer than pipenv,
0:47 so it's built on top of some lessons learned from pipenv.
0:51 But of course, if you prefer to use pipenv keep using it,
0:55 I know pip who are using it,
0:56 and they are quite happy with it.