Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Managing Python project
Lecture: Python project chores

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0:00 Working on a Python project involves a lot of different activities. First, you need to create a virtual environment,
0:07 and you need to remember to actually activate it. So, you don't accidentally install pip packages globally on your computer.
0:14 Then you need to manage your requirements, files and pin all your dependencies. You also need to remember to regularly update those dependencies,
0:23 but at the same time, need to make sure that you use the exact same versions of packages both on your local computer and on the production server.
0:31 So, for that you install a tool like pip tools to pin your dependencies and then you run pip to, install them.
0:37 So far, so good. But if by any chance you're creating a Python package that you're planning to publish on pypi,
0:44 then there is a bunch of other tasks that you need to take care of. You need to create a file.
0:50 You need to build your package and send it to the pypi server and all that requires you to remember another set of commands.
0:57 It would be nice to have one tool, that can do all those tasks for us
1:01 thought some Python programmers and so many different tools were actually created. But two of them gained the most popularity pipenv and poetry.

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