Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Python versions and packages
Lecture: Bonus: is there pyenv for nodejs, go, etc.?

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0:00 If you're using other programming languages,
0:02 you might be happy to hear that there are similar tools to pyenv,
0:05 and for those languages, for example,
0:08 there is nodenv. That you can use to easily switch different node versions
0:12 there is Go. And if that you can use if you're using Go lang.
0:17 and there are other tools for other languages as well.
0:20 All of them work in a very similar way as pyenv.
0:24 And if you're using really a,
0:25 lot of programming languages, there is a tool called asdf-vm
0:30 and you can use it to replace all those different separate tools, so you don't
0:34 have to install, node and pyenv and goenv,
0:37 and you can just install this one,
0:39 and you can use it to manage different versions of different programming languages.