Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Python versions and packages
Lecture: Installing pyenv-win on Windows

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0:00 If you are a Windows user,
0:01 then, as I said before,
0:02 you pyenv win instead. If you go to the GitHub Repo,
0:06 you will see the installation instructions there.
0:09 As you can see again, there are many different ways how you can install it
0:12 You can use pip. You can download the ZIP file.
0:15 You can use git, or you can use the chocolatey, after we finish the installation
0:19 make sure you check the notes in the GitHub Repo because there might be
0:24 some important steps that you need to do after installation.
0:27 And if you want to verify that the installation was successful,
0:31 run pyenv in your terminal,
0:33 and if you see a list of commands,then everything is fine.