Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Python versions and packages
Lecture: pyenv

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0:00 So, no matter what operating system you have, you will need to install Python. There are many different ways to do this.
0:07 You can go to the website and download the installer for any operating
0:11 system. You can use a package manager like Homebrew for Mac or apt-get On Linux. Or you can even compile Python from the source files.
0:21 However, my favorite way of installing Python that I'm using since a few years is to use a tool called pyenv.
0:29 pyenv is a tool for managing Python versions. You can use it to easily install new Python version,
0:35 but also to quickly switch between different Python versions that you have installed. It might not be a big deal if you only use one version of Python
0:44 all the time. But if you're working with multiple Python versions, this tool is a must. While pyenv full work for macOS and Linux,
0:53 if you're using windows, check out the pyenv-win. It's a part of pyenv to windows.
1:00 It might not have all the features that the standard pyenv has,but it has all the essential ones,
1:02 that I will be showing in this course.

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