Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: What you need to know

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0:00 To follow this course, you need to know the basics of.
0:03 Python. I'm not going to explain the python code that will be using,
0:06 but also, I will try to not use some very complicated code.
0:10 We will be installing packages. So, you also need to know how to use pip
0:14 And if you know what Django or Flask is,
0:17 that's great, because I will be using those two Web frameworks in some examples.
0:22 But if you're not a Web developer,
0:23 then don't worry. You should be able to follow everything with no problem.
0:27 In one of the chapters, I have a very,
0:29 very simple Flask website that's literally 10 lines of code or something like that and we
0:36 Only needed, so I can show you how to debug,
0:38 code in the code editor so you should be good.