Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Welcome

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0:00 Hi, and welcome to the Modern Python Projects course.
0:03 I'm excited to have you here, because I have a lot of cool things that
0:07 I want to show you. But first of all,
0:09 what's the deal with this course?
0:10 Is this a yet another Python course?
0:13 No. This course is for people who already know how to write Python code,
0:17 but they want to learn some useful tools and good practices when they write.
0:22 Despite on code, there is a gap between knowing python and knowing how to write
0:27 a good Python project. Maybe you're confused whether those virtual environments that others keep using,
0:32 whether you should use Poetry or Pipenv for something else.
0:36 What's the best framework for writing test,
0:38 How to document your code and things like that?
0:41 My goal in this course is to bridge this gap for you.
0:44 So, I want to explain you how to do various things as you build your Python project.
0:48 No matter if it's your 1st or 101st,
0:53 How to structure it, How to install dependencies,
0:55 How to generate documentation? and I want to show you some tools that will make
1:00 your life much, much easier,
1:02 Mature tools that many other pattern programmers are using.
1:06 So not something that I found yesterday on hacker news,
1:09 but something that I know it's proven,
1:10 and it will work for you for years.
1:13 We have good tools. Writing tests can actually be fun,
1:16 and writing documentation can be easy.
1:19 And hopefully, at the end of this course, you will have a solid development environment configured,
1:23 and you will know, how to build any python project that you want.