Managing Python Dependencies Transcripts
Chapter: Finding Quality Python Packages
Lecture: Lesson Overview

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0:01 Welcome to the finding quality Python packages module in the course.
0:04 One of my favorite things in Python is the rich third party package ecosystem.
0:11 There is so many open source packages available
0:14 that you can just install for free and use in your own applications.
0:17 The ability to find and identify these high quality packages
0:22 will make you a much more productive and effective Python developer,
0:26 but first, let's take a quick look at where you are right now in the course curriculum;
0:31 at this point you have all the tools you need
0:33 to be able to install third party packages,
0:36 and to keep them nice and separate.
0:38 So now you're going learn where to find these high quality packages
0:42 you can use in your own applications.
0:44 Here is what this module in the course will teach you to do,
0:47 first, you're going to find out how third party packages
0:51 can help you become a more effective and more productive Python coder.
0:55 Next, I am going to show you several curated lists
0:59 of the most popular Python packages and you can use those lists
1:03 to quickly find the best options in a specific category,
1:07 for example, the most popular web frameworks in Python.
1:11 After that, you are going to learn a specific workflow
1:14 and some rules of thumb and quality indicators
1:17 for selecting a great quality package.