Managing Python Dependencies Transcripts
Chapter: Managing Third-Party Dependencies With pip
Lecture: PyPI Warehouse Sneak Peek

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0:01 You just saw the PyPi package repository.
0:03 And while PyPi is the official package repository for Python right now,
0:07 it is about to get superseded by Warehouse, which is going to be its successor.
0:13 So let's talk a little bit about Warehouse and how this transition is going to go.
0:18 So Warehouse is going to replace PyPi eventually, but right now,
0:22 Warehouse is only running in a public beta testing mode.
0:27 The idea with transitioning PyPi to Warehouse is that ideally,
0:32 you wouldn't have to worry about the transition at all,
0:35 you would just use your pip commands as you did before,
0:38 but instead of downloading files from PyPi,
0:40 they would actually find and download packages from Warehouse.
0:44 Now, let's take a quick look at Warehouse.
0:47 Like I said, Warehouse is available for a public beta access right now,
0:52 and you can find it at
0:55 Okay, so let's take a look at Warehouse, PyPi's successor.
1:00 So we get this banner here that tells us this is a beta version,
1:03 or a pre production version of Warehouse, and eventually
1:07 that warning is going to go away, as Warehouse takes over,
1:11 and you can already see here the website looks a little bit more friendly
1:15 than the classic PyPi, but in terms of functionality it is very similar.
1:20 So again, I am just going to search for Requests here, and in this time,
1:25 you can see that the search results are actually a little bit better,
1:29 so they look a lot nicer, and they seem to be more relevant,
1:32 so in this case Warehouse seems to know that hey,
1:35 there is a package called Requests and it is the most popular one
1:38 so it actually is number one search result here, so let's take a look.
1:44 Again, you get a mixture of the readme or description for the package,
1:49 and then a bunch of metadata, and it's just presented to you
1:52 in a much more friendly way and there is also this little hint on how you would go
1:56 about installing this package for example which is nice,
1:59 and it looks like they also got the image formatting issue under control.
2:03 So now, all of the package metadata lives on the left here,
2:07 so again, you pretty much have the same categories
2:10 and the same information here, and then, when you scroll further down,
2:15 we're back at the change log and stuff like that.
2:19 So, all the information is still in here, it's just presented in a different way,
2:23 so Warehouse and PyPi are really similar, but Warehouse is just
2:26 a more modern iteration and a more friendly version of what PyPi used to be.