Managing Python Dependencies Transcripts
Chapter: Managing Third-Party Dependencies With pip
Lecture: Lesson Overview

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0:01 In this part of the course, you'll learn how to manage
0:04 your Python dependencies with the pip package manager.
0:06 Here is where you are in the course right now,
0:09 this is the first main module in the course.
0:12 First of all, you'll learn what dependency management is and what it is good for.
0:15 Next, you'll get an introduction to pip, the Python package manager.
0:20 You'll learn how to install and update pip to the latest version,
0:23 and right after that, you're going to learn about the different
0:26 Python package repositories and the associated websites.
0:29 Then, you'll learn how to install Python packages with the pip command line tools.
0:34 Next, you'll learn how to identify and update outdated packages,
0:38 and in the final lesson in this module, you'll learn how to
0:41 uninstall or remove packages from your system.
0:44 Let's start with an introduction to dependency management.