Managing Python Dependencies Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the Course
Lecture: Welcome to the Course and What We'll Cover

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0:01 Welcome to managing Python dependencies with pip and virtual environments.
0:06 Dependency management and managing third party Python packages
0:10 is a super important topic for any professional Python developer.
0:14 In my experience, even if you begin with a simple question
0:19 like how do I install a third party Python package,
0:22 you can quickly go down a rabbit hole of other tools
0:25 and new questions that pop up, and it can quickly get overwhelming.
0:29 This course will be your one-stop shop
0:32 for becoming proficient at dependency management with Python.
0:35 Let's take a look at the course goals.
0:38 By the end of the course, you will know how to install, use and manage
0:45 third party Python packages with the pip package manager;
0:49 you will know how to isolate your project dependencies
0:52 with so called virtual environments;
0:55 you will know a complete workflow for finding and identifying
0:59 quality third party packages that you can use in your own Python projects.
1:04 You will also know how to set up repeatable development environments
1:07 and application deployments with a complete workflow
1:10 for that using requirements files.
1:13 If you're wondering who the disembodied voice inside your computer is,
1:19 hey that is me, Dan Bader, I am a complete Python nut
1:24 and I would love to help you improve your Python skills.
1:27 I started writing code when I was eight years old and was hacking away
1:30 on my Commodore 64, and I never stopped since.
1:34 Programming is a complete passion for me
1:37 and I eventually got a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science.
1:40 I worked in full time positions for a few years,
1:43 first as a software engineer, and then later as a lead developer
1:46 and today I am an independent software developer and consultant,
1:49 I run a number of Python projects and I've also been a speaker
1:53 at various conferences around the world.
1:56 If you want some more Python learning resources,
1:58 check out my website at
2:01 I've got tons more tutorials and videos that will help you master Python.
2:05 Alright, enough about me, let's take a look at the course curriculum.
2:08 Right now, you're in the first module on the course
2:12 "The welcome and course overview" module.
2:15 Every time I show you the course curriculum,
2:18 I will always highlight in bold text where you are at the moment.
2:21 So next up you'll dive into "Managing third party dependencies with Pip"
2:26 and then after that, you'll learn how to isolate your project dependencies
2:31 with virtual environments.
2:33 In the fourth module, you'll learn a complete workflow
2:36 for finding and researching quality Python packages.
2:39 Next, you'll learn how to set up reproducible environment and application deploys.
2:44 And finally, in the sixth module
2:48 there will be the course conclusion and a quick recap.
2:51 That's the course curriculum.
2:54 Now, this will be a really practical course,
2:57 in each module you'll encounter a mixture of slight base presentations
3:01 and hands on life demos, so you can see and follow along with the exact workflows
3:07 that I used to research and find Python packages
3:10 or to manage dependencies in my own Python projects.
3:16 Well, congratulations, you've just completed the first module in the course.
3:20 Time to jump in and learn about managing third party dependencies with pip.