Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Deployments
Lecture: Learning Ansible with A Deployment Recap

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0:00 So we just got done with deploying our application setting up a couple different servers. One for a web server, one for a database server.
0:07 We started out by setting up our domain name system records on Namecheap which then allowed devices to connect to our web server using the IP address.
0:15 The web server was able to serve each CPS connections because we got a certificate, yeah, let's encrypt. Put our source code on our server
0:22 started running an example WSGI server installed our application dependencies so that our application would run properly
0:27 and then we modified the database configuration to set up connections between the web server and the database server. I want to caveat that if you are
0:34 deploying a real Python web application there's a lot more work that would need to be done here. The main thing was to use this
0:39 example application and deployment to teach you a lot of the tricks and workarounds different Ansible modules
0:44 and show how you're not going to get a playbook right on the first attempt. You're going to have to run it, tweak it
0:49 see what the errors are, prove it over time just like you would with any application. But then, you'll have your entire deployment stored as code
0:56 and run via Ansible. You want all the code for this chapter take a look at bit.le/intro-ansible-CH-7. The completed version is on there
1:03 so you can play around with these modules and hopefully it will inspire you to see all of the other fantastic modules
1:09 that are at your disposal when using Ansible.

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