Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Deployments
Lecture: Solving Template File Name Issues

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0:00 Let's run our playbook and see
0:01 what tweaks we need to make.
0:14 Okay, so couldn't find the configuration file.
0:19 Let's make sure we named it properly
0:20 and it needs to be supervisor.j2.
0:28 And so let's start at this task
0:30 and see if we can run successfully.
0:43 Okay, we still have an issue with Nginx
0:45 but it looks like supervisor was configured
0:47 so now we can log in to our server
0:49 and just see if everything is running on the WSGI server
0:52 and then we can modify the Nginx side
0:54 so that it is able to start up successfully
0:56 and serve as our reverse proxy.
1:05 On our web server, run wget localhost:8000
1:08 which is the port that Green Unicorn is running on.
1:10 And if you get this index, that HTML, save
1:14 and it is what we would expect
1:15 Nginx to serve as a reverse proxy for.
1:18 Great, so now we've got our WSGI server up and running
1:20 we can make a few tweaks to our Nginx configuration
1:23 so that we can get that up and running
1:24 finish out our deployment.