Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Configuring Servers
Lecture: Reviewing Ansible Modules for Server Configuration

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0:00 We've completed the last of our steps
0:01 that we set out to do in this chapter.
0:03 Each step was fairly simple.
0:05 We get experience with a bunch of different modules
0:07 that are going to be super handy
0:08 as we deploy an application.
0:09 We're going to take this scaffolding
0:11 which as a reminder, you can find the Ansible playbook
0:13 that we wrote in this chapter at this link,
0:16 to ansible/chapter6.
0:17 Now that we've got our scaffolding in place
0:19 we're going to expand it
0:20 and deploy an actual application together.
0:22 This is typically what you would do with Ansible
0:24 when you're just creating a new project.
0:25 Take a playbook that is already working for you
0:27 and you expand it and customize it
0:28 to your particular situation.
0:30 With that, let's dig in and beef up our playbook
0:33 for a full deployment.