Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Configuring Servers
Lecture: Testing Our Playbook

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0:00 This time when we execute our playbook
0:01 we don't want to use init_config.
0:03 We're going to create a new playbook.
0:05 Copy what's in init_config
0:07 create a new playbook webserver.yml.
0:16 The user this time is going to be deployer, not root.
0:20 And we're going to apply the common role.
0:23 And we'll add web server role to that once we create it.
0:27 We should now have everything in place
0:28 to test out this new configuration.
0:43 Okay, so looks good.
0:44 Now, that likely took a while for you.
0:46 What was happening on the remote server
0:47 was that we were installing a bunch
0:49 of packages and downloading and installing
0:51 that can take quite a while.
0:52 Don't worry if it seems like playbook hangs
0:54 for a few minutes, as long as it doesn't
0:56 error out, it should be okay.
0:57 And eventually it'll finish up.
0:58 So now it looks like our playbook is good
1:00 and we can start building upon it
1:01 using the deployer user and expand out
1:04 and use the common role to protect
1:06 against malicious actors and install
1:08 the basic packages we're going to need
1:09 across our systems.