Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Configuring Servers
Lecture: Provisioning Two Servers

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0:00 To provision the two servers that we need
0:02 log in to your DigitalOcean account.
0:03 You get to the account dashboard
0:05 and now we can create two new servers.
0:07 So go up to create, droplets, and we'll
0:10 just manually create a couple of them ourselves.
0:13 You're going to want to choose 18.04
0:15 that'll be the latest long-term support release.
0:18 One gigabyte is fine for us.
0:21 Just scroll down and add an SSH key.
0:25 Now, you could use the existing SSH key.
0:27 We're going to add the SSH key that we just created.
0:31 So go back to the command line
0:33 and take a look at
0:37 Copy and paste this.
0:39 Copy, and we'll paste this in.
0:48 Ah, and here we go.
0:49 We can do two droplets.
0:53 And we'll give them custom names.
0:58 And click create.
1:01 Give it a couple minutes.
1:08 Awesome, now we've got our two servers.