Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Configuring Servers
Lecture: New Playbook Scaffolding

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0:00 Time to dive back into the command line. We're no longer going to build upon our first playbook we're going to create a new project so start out
0:07 by creating a new project directory. I'll just call this server_config for this chapter and of course this directory's going to be empty.
0:15 As you use Ansible for more projects you'll likely have a base playbook that you'll work from something that has your initial scaffolding.
0:21 Maybe some common roles that you reuse across many different projects. A bunch of variables that you typically have for each role.
0:27 But rather than start you with some scaffolding I prefer to start from a blank directory for this chapter. Just as we did with our first playbook.
0:34 So now with our empty directory let's create the subdirectories that we know we're going to need. group_vars and roles. We're going to need an SSH key.
0:46 No passphrase. And within the roles directory we're going to need three subdirectories. We'll have a common role, we'll have a database
0:54 and we'll have a web server. And we'll fill in those three roles as we go along. We have our initial public private keys
1:01 a few directories that we're going to fill in and we'd like to write our inventory file but we don't have servers yet so let's spin up two new
1:06 servers on DigitalOcean now.

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