Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Running Playbooks
Lecture: Sign up for DigitalOcean

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0:00 To know what to fill in here we need to provision a server. The easiest way to do that is to use a hosting company. Switch over into your web browser
0:07 and if you've already got a hosting company that you use, that's awesome. I've been using DigitalOcean for a few years now
0:12 and I found it really easy, and they have a few features like uploading a public key to lock down your server
0:18 that are super helpful and we're going to actually use in these videos. Not all the hosting providers use that but you can go to the following URL
0:24 that's, and this will give you $100 credit so that you don't have to pay anything in order to use DigitalOcean servers.
0:33 So throughout these videos, you shouldn't have to spend any money on servers as long as you use that promo code. So you should see a screen like this
0:42 which will just ask you for an email address and password. And then you just need to confirm your email address.
0:54 Now as soon as you click on the link in the email it'll change the screen, and then you'll be prompted for some billing information. Pop that in.
1:00 This helps DigitalOcean protect against or spambots. You won't actually get charged. There'll be a temporary authorization on your card
1:05 to make sure it's valid, and then we can proceed to provisioning our server.

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