Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Ansible Core Concepts
Lecture: Applying the Ansible Concepts

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0:00 We just covered the core concepts for Ansible
0:02 that we need to know before we can start writing
0:04 our playbooks and using Ansible
0:06 for configuration management.
0:07 We took a look at how these concepts relate to each other
0:09 and how we would take a look at the documentation
0:11 to see which modules are available
0:13 for the task that we want to perform.
0:14 We'd right tasks in YAML and we'd group these tasks
0:17 by roles and each of those roles
0:19 and all the tasks would be put together
0:21 into a reusable playbook that would use the inventory file
0:24 which is typically named hosts
0:25 and the inventory file would have corresponding roles.
0:28 They would group the servers we're going to do work on.
0:30 Now there will be other concepts that we'll introduce
0:32 along the way.
0:33 These are the ones that we needed to get started.
0:34 Come back to these videos and use them as a refresher
0:36 as we're working through our playbooks
0:38 in the next few chapters.