Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Introduction
Lecture: Thank you to our sponsor, DigitalOcean

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0:00 This course is sponsored by DigitalOcean. A big thank you to DigitalOcean for providing $100 in credit for their servers
0:08 to every viewer who uses this link. That's Go to this link now, or a bit later in this course
0:17 when we start spinning up servers to use with Ansible. This free credit will make it possible to complete all steps in this course
0:22 without having to pay any money for hosting and all of the videos for this course use DigitalOcean as the hosting provider
0:28 so you will be able to follow along step by step in each video with your own DigitalOcean account.
0:33 Thanks again to DigitalOcean for providing the credit and sponsoring the Introduction to Ansible video course.

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