Introduction to Ansible Transcripts
Chapter: Introduction
Lecture: Obtaining the Source Code

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0:00 There will be a lot of live coding and working together
0:02 on projects throughout these videos
0:04 because I believe that's the best way for you to learn
0:06 and get hands-on time with Ansible.
0:08 However, you're not going to always
0:09 want to type everything in by hand.
0:11 Sometimes you just want to copy and paste
0:12 or maybe you made a typo somewhere
0:14 and you just want the code that works
0:16 so this is the spot for you.
0:18 If you go under
0:19 the fullstackpython on GitHub
0:22 look for the book-and-video-code-examples repository
0:25 there's an intro Ansible directory.
0:28 That contains all the code
0:29 that we'll use throughout the entire course.