HTMX + Django: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Further investigation

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0:00 You can dig further into HTMX by visiting its website, There is plenty more in the library. In this course, I stuck to HTX Get,
0:11 but all the HTTP mechanisms exist. You can get, post, put, patch, and delete. The HX targets you used in the course solely relied on a CSS selector.
0:25 HTMX supports more advanced selectors as well. Closest"" looks for the closest match for a selector.
0:33 Next"" and ""Previous"" look for the selector before and after the tag respectively. And ""Find"" looks for child descendants.
0:41 If you have a lot of HTML with classes rather than specific IDs, these extensions to the selector mechanism can help you specify your target.
0:51 HTMX also supports polling for content, integration with CSS transitions, and has features that allow you to coordinate between two tags.
1:01 For example, if you need to ensure an input and a form that both use HTMX don't fire at the same time, you can synchronize them.
1:10 HTMX is a well-designed library that brings some of the original design intent of the web back into play, even in dynamic pages.
1:18 I hope you've found value in the course. It's been fun talking to you about it. My name is Christopher Trudeau.
1:25 Feel free to reach out on X or LinkedIn.

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