HTMX + Django: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Surveying the non-JS-enabled Django app
Lecture: View for the category page

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0:00 The thumbnail in the top right here is what you'd see if you'd clicked the ""EV category on the homepage and scrolled down just a little.
0:09 The top of the page uses the same banner image as the homepage, and some bootstrap magic is used to overlay the name of the category as a title.
0:18 The code in the box here is the view function for this page. This view takes an argument, the name of the category.
0:27 The argument is used to look up the corresponding category object, and then all the videos that have that category are queried.
0:34 Once again, the more_itter_tools_chunked function is used to split the result up into groups
0:39 of three, and then the whole thing gets rendered using category.html. Now let's look at the model for the video objects themselves.

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