HTMX + Django: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Prerequisites

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0:00 In order to keep the topic focused on HTMX, this course assumes you're already familiar with Python, Django, and HTML pages.
0:10 Nothing in here would be considered an advanced topic in any of these areas, but you'll be more comfortable if you're familiar
0:16 with these three topics before taking the course. Before diving into HTMX, one of the lessons gives a tour of the base project.
0:24 This also serves as a bit of a Django review. So if you're a little rusty, it can work as a refresher, Or if you come across a topic that's new to you,
0:33 you can go brush up and come back. And of course, Talk Python is there for you if you need to cover some of those prerequisites.
0:42 Python for the absolute beginner is a foundations course. It covers how to get going with Python on your machine, variables, the core data types,
0:51 writing functions, interacting with files, using packages, and more. Django, getting started, is an introduction to Django.
1:00 It teaches you how to create a Django project, write templates, use the database, take advantage
1:05 of the Django admin, deal with user accounts along with the files and data users can submit, and more.

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