HTMX + Django: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Big ideas covered in the course

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0:00 This course shows you how to implement four features that are very common on web pages.
0:05 Clicking something to make it editable, creating a page that dynamically adds content as you scroll down, interactive searching, and dialog boxes.
0:14 To demonstrate the implementation of these features in HTMX, I'm going to start with an already working Django project called Video Collector.
0:23 It's a simple site that allows you to collect links to YouTube videos, track them in categories, and then play them using an embedded player.
0:32 The base project has no HTML and no JavaScript in it. It's a traditional page-based Django application.
0:40 For aesthetic reasons, the site is built on top of Bootstrap and uses Font Awesome.
0:45 That means you'll be seeing real-world code as I go through rather than a toy problem.
0:51 Throughout the course, I'll be adding the features I mentioned by implementing them in HTML.
0:57 The primary HTMX mechanism connects to the server, fetches a piece of HTML, and replaces part of the page.
1:06 These fetched pieces are called partials, and I'll be writing views to feed these partials to HTMX.

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