Getting started with pytest Transcripts
Chapter: Configuration
Lecture: Review

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0:00 As a review of the configuration files and other non test files within the project,
0:06 we've got pytest.ini, which is the primary configuration file and the alternates tox.ini pyproject.toml and setup.cfg.
0:14 There's That's used for fixtures and hook functions and __init__. That's used to avoid test name collisions.
0:22 You can have and should have one pytest.ini or some other kind of set up at the top level.
0:30 You can have a maximum of one per test directory or test subdirectory and __init__
0:37 one per subdirectory is recommended to get more information on settings. You can put in your ini file,
0:44 you can use pytest help or you can go to and look up reference guides and then api reference and then configuration options.

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