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Chapter: Configuration
Lecture: Finding information about all possible settings

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0:00 So if these are the common settings that I recommend that implies that there are more settings than this and there are.
0:08 So I want to show you where to find information on the other settings that you could possibly put in your ini file.
0:15 One of the great places to look is just within pytest help. So pytest help lists a whole bunch of stuff.
0:22 But near the bottom we've got environmental variables, a reminder about the markers and fixtures flag right above that. These are all the any settings.
0:32 So these are the any options are listed near the bottom and it even listed there Say any options in the first pytest.ini on any tox.ini, setup.cfg
0:42 file found. So these are all of the markers lists of course there's our test paths. We've seen that there's a whole bunch of these things
0:52 and they're they're described briefly here. But then I want to show you another place to find them as well. If we go to,
1:00 we will see the home page and there is along the left side, there's contents and if you go to reference guides and then API reference actually
1:10 there's a lot of great stuff here. So there's we've got functions like Param and X fail. We've got marks that are built in,
1:18 we talked about skip and skip if and X fail of course fixtures. We've used request, there's a few others that are in here hooks,
1:29 we didn't cover those, but near the bottom is sorry for getting off track. There's a lot of great stuff here,
1:35 but at the bottom there is configuration options. There's also command line flags, so you can take a look at that.
1:40 But configuration options, those are the options that you can add in. And with that, I guess without addopts,
1:48 you can do the configuration flags as well. These are bigger descriptions than the little one line thing that you get with the help
1:56 Let's take a look at the flags. This is just sort of the same as the help, but here's the flags as well.
2:02 Really like the configuration options page. It's really helpful.

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