Getting started with pytest Transcripts
Chapter: pytest Plugins
Lecture: Review

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0:00 To review. We covered pytest plugins and protests. Plugins can be found at There is a plugin list that you can look plugins up with and on
0:12 One of the tricks we used was to use the classifier FRAMEWORK: :PYTEST. Although not all plugins used this,
0:20 so be careful of that. We also found a bunch at Now the plugins that we showed in the course where
0:32 pytest repeat to. You used to run test multiple times pytest xdist. to run tests in parallel and pytest randomly to randomize test,
0:41 order to take you further if you would like to build your own plugin pytest is massively extensible. So there are a lot of plugins and if you
0:50 have a specific need, there may already be a plugin to fill your needs You can also build your own relatively easily.
0:57 There's an entire chapter within the python testing of pyest, second edition book and it walks you through building and testing a plugin.
1:05 Specifically, it walks through the pytest, skip slow plugin that we briefly looked at but didn't shown example of them.

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