Getting started with pytest Transcripts
Chapter: pytest Plugins
Lecture: Introducing pytest plugins

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0:00 Welcome to Chapter six plugins, pytest plugins are awesome. There are tons of plugins available and if you need to extend pytest,
0:11 there's a decent chance that there's already a plugin doing what you needed to do but you have to find them and you can find them at ''
0:18 There's actually a plugin list right there in pytest will show that in the course and at 'pypi. org' there is a trick for finding plugins
0:28 and it's to use the framework pytest. You can also just search for pytest that usually does pretty good.
0:35 And there's also a group on github pytest-dev That is the group that supports pytest but also supports a whole bunch of pytest plugins.
0:43 So it's good to look at that. We'll take a look at a few plugin examples, we'll look at pytest repeat. That's used to run tests multiple times.
0:53 We'll also look at pytest-xdist. which is used to run tests in parallel and it does so much more than
1:00 that though. There's also pytest-randomly and that's used to run tests in a
1:05 random order. And again, it also randomizes seed values for other tools and does so much more.

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