Getting started with pytest Transcripts
Chapter: Parametrization
Lecture: Review

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0:00 Okay. Let's review what we've covered in this chapter. In this chapter we covered parameterization but we covered quite a bit of things.
0:08 So we've got parameterizing test functions. And remember we'd use pytest mark,
0:13 parameterized and gave parameter name and then a list of parameters and then pass that
0:18 parameter to the test function. That's really all there is to it.
0:22 We also used multiple parameters by saying things like thing one and thing two and passing in a list for each test case.
0:32 We parameterized fixtures with passing in a param and grabbing those out. We can pass in multiple fixtures,
0:40 pull those out with tuple unpacking on the command line. We used quotes to to run parameterized,
0:47 tests and we also used K along with and or not and parens to select tests using the keyword.

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