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Chapter: Parametrization
Lecture: Using multiple parametrized fixtures

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0:00 Now what if we wanted to stack them like we did in function parameterIzation If we wanted to do like a cross product kind of thing.
0:09 If I wanted to do summary two summaries and have summary to summaries to with it todo and two summaries within Prog and two summaries were done.
0:18 How would I do that? But similar? So let's just grab these again, we'll just do another fixture. This one's going to be the start summary and it
0:32 can be really anything we did one and two before didn't and that's all we need
0:38 start summary request param, the rest is kind of identical and now we need the start summary fix your name and use it as the value.
0:54 Now test fix multiple. Now we'll have we should have 6 two times three sweet six items passed six passed six items.
1:08 And the order that we're showing here, one todo and then two todo in Prog done. The order of this is the order of how they're listed here.
1:20 What happens if we replace them? We can do it in any order really. Now it's state and then summary date and then summary.
1:38 But since I'm calling this with summary and state here,
1:42 I think that's confusing. So I think it'd be best to keep those in the same order that we are using them with in the code.

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