Getting started with pytest Transcripts
Chapter: Parametrization
Lecture: Manually testing "cards finish"

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0:00 Let's take a look at one of the cards features called finish. So let's say I've got a cards database already set up.
0:09 I've got three items and they're in three different states there in we've got write
0:16 a second edition that's done and I've got a record pytest course that's in progress and I need to release the course that's still to do.
0:26 So these are the three states that are possible for a card item within the cards application to do in progress and done.
0:34 And there is a feature called finish which changes the state. Let's just see what that help looks like.
0:42 So the help will list and it gives us a definition that finish will set the card state to done. Well let's try this for each of these items.
0:53 So let's say we finish the, record the pytest course, the second one finished too and list out again now that's done. Okay so it works from there.
1:06 We can say cards finish can we finish it right from to do so go straight from uh to do to done.
1:15 We finished the third one. It looks like they're all done now.
1:20 What happens if we redo refinished like something So it's already done and we call finish on cards finish one and it's already done.
1:30 But what happens? Well it doesn't seem to mind that and it just leaves it in a done state. Let's convert those experiments to test.

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