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Chapter: Test Functions
Lecture: Running the cards application

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0:01 So let's take a look at the cards application again I'm in my virtual environment and
0:08 so we we should have cards still installed and uh let's see what it does. So right now if we run cards by itself it lists this blank like not much
0:24 of anything but it does say ID, State, Owner shows some stuff. So what cards is is a kind of a
0:31 to do application so we can add things so we can say cards so I can add item do something and give it the owner of Brian and I can do something
0:52 like cards add do something else. And then if I list cards just run cards by itself again it does a list
1:03 and now it shows me all these to do items so I've got a two items in here. They're both in the state of to do and the owners set
1:12 to one and summary is do something and do something else. So one of the other things that uh so cards does it help and it
1:24 has we can add add a card we can look at the configuration we can see how many cards there are deleted card finish a card list,
1:34 start update and version so we've done version before but now I cards has a database and if we run config we can see where it is,
1:50 looks like it stores it in the user directory under cards DB. I can add I only had an owner on one but if I add, you
1:58 can update it so I can do a cards update to give it an ID. And I'm gonna update the owner let's do Okken and now we have
2:15 owners there on everything but that's not my name I mean that is my name but let's do it Brian so they're both both Brian neat.
2:28 Let's start one so let's change the state of one so if I change the state so start if I start start one It shows the card one in progress so
2:47 that's cool. Um let's finish that and start the 2nd one two and now I have one finished to do item and one that's in progress now since it's
3:07 done I don't need it anymore so I can delete it and now I just have one. So this is a very kind of a simple to do application to keep
3:20 track of what people are working on but this is the application we're going to test It's um it's got a front end,
3:28 a command line interface, it's got some logic to it and it has a database so um it also has an api so most of our testing is going to be
3:37 through the API, but we will start with data structure in the next video.

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