Getting started with pytest Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Why pytest?

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0:00 Let's take a look at why you might want to choose pytest as you're testing Framework. First off, pytest is very easy to start using and when
0:09 you need extra power it has. Pytest can produce very readable tests and readable tests are very important. Pytest uses Python's built-in-assert method,
0:19 so you don't need to learn a whole bunch of assert helper functions to use with your testing framework. Pytest has Fixtures,
0:26 Parameterization and plugins built in and we'll talk about all of these. You can use it to run unittest tests.
0:33 So if you already have a project that started using unit tests, you can use pytest to run those and gradually switch over to using pytest
0:41 Pytest can be used for Python packages and that's partly what will show in this course. You can also use it to test Python applications.
0:52 Actually, the project will be testing is both an application and a Python package,
0:57 really, anything that can be any application that can be controlled via python can be
1:02 tested with pytest and that's pretty much everything from web apps to hardware to apps in different programming languages.

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