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Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: What next? HTMX + Django

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0:00 If you'd like to learn a bit more Django, why not check out the HTML plus Django course.
0:07 HTML is a relatively new JavaScript library that lets you write dynamic web pages with little to no JavaScript.
0:14 When you click a link in a web page, the browser fetches new content replacing the page.
0:20 HTML does the same thing, but with parts of a page, allowing you to fetch snippets of HTML and dynamically insert them into your content.
0:29 It does this by adding new attributes to your HTML tags. By working this way, you can modify a page using the same views and tools you use with
0:38 Django today. The Talk Python course builds on top of a Django-based web project, with each lesson adding a new dynamic feature to the site.
0:48 You'll learn how to do click-to-edit by replacing a link with a form, search as you type, dynamically
0:54 populating search results on a page, infinite scroll, and more. And since you've already
1:00 taken the Django course, you've got the needed prerequisites. Learn about HTMX and take your Django coding to the next level today.

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