Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Third party libraries

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0:00 As a final bit of icing on the Django course cake, I walked you through some popular third party libraries that can make your life easier.
0:08 This is possible because Django was designed to be pluggable from the get go. And many of these libraries are really just Django apps.
0:15 The libraries I covered were Grappelli to make your admin prettier, Django debug toolbar to help
0:22 you better understand what is happening and squish those pesky bugs. The Django rest framework for mapping your data objects to a rest API.
0:31 Django allauth for managing authentications, including through social media accounts, PyTest Django in case you prefer to test the PyTest way.
0:38 Django extensions, which is a tool chest filled with lots of helpful items and finally, Django import export.
0:45 That provides tools for importing and exporting data to Django land.

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