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Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: User management

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0:00 The web isn't much fun without people using it, but that can mean a whole lot of extra work. Managing user accounts means registration and passwords,
0:09 which means a bunch of extra screens. Django provides utilities for helping manage your users,
0:14 including controlling authentication, getting users to prove who they are as well as authorization, specifying what they can do.
0:23 One of the ways of controlling who can do what is the login required decorator.
0:27 If you wrap a view with this, it will prevent anonymous users from seeing the view.
0:33 Django provides methods for managing registration and password management by giving you some pre made views.
0:39 As you're likely to want your site to look like, well, your site. Django doesn't give you templates for this. You have to write your own.
0:47 The views provided, manage login and log out, password changes, and password resets.
0:53 The password reset mechanism ties into the email system and will send your forgetful user a one time link so they can reset their password.

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