Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: 3rd Party Libraries for Django
Lecture: DRF browser view

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0:05 This is the browser interface that the DRF provides you. It automatically detects that this is coming from a web browser in view mode.
0:13 Rather than say, from a javascript call and gives you this browser interface.
0:22 The payload here shows you what would be returned if this was a javascript call. In this case a JSON representation of the authors in our database.
0:33 I only wrote the get interface, but if you were doing a full rest API, the menu in the corner here would allow you to do posts,
0:39 puts and deletes to manage your interface. I've really only scratched the surface here.
0:44 The DRF is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly put together a rest API with very little extra code on top of what you would normally do for
0:52 your Django project. If you find yourself writing a single page application, the DRF is a library you definitely want to look into.

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