Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: 3rd Party Libraries for Django
Lecture: Grappelli in action

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0:00 As usual, I'm running the DEV server in the background here. Let me just go to the admin page and right off you see a difference.
0:10 Some cleaner styling for the login page and a lot brighter because I'm not in dark mode. This is the main screen.
0:22 Let me go take a look at some of the books. Obviously style is a personal preference thing,
0:27 but the lines, an organization of this just feel cleaner to me. Granted the addition of dark mode to Django has made a difference.
0:34 Funny how something as simple as coloring can make it feel richer. The action bar is down at the bottom,
0:40 consistently across the pages instead of squished into the title. And the filters are now a drop down which gets them out of the way and
0:49 gives you more real estate for your data table. Password management and log out links have been moved under a dropdown with the user's name.
0:57 Again, meaning less clutter. Let me click one of the books. Again this just feels cleaner actions are all along the bottom in a footer,
1:09 which makes them seem consistent. There's a nice breadcrumb piece at the top here which
1:14 is in the regular interface but it's kind of hidden and you don't really see it where it's nice and clear here.
1:21 All a matter of opinion, but I like this one. Not much else to show off here. If like me, you prefer the look,
1:27 it's a quick install and it's ready to go.

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